What Peak Sports Does - The Services

Peak Sports is about two things and two things only.  

Collegiate Services and Event Management.


The bread and butter of Peak Sports! The company was created based on the Collegiate Services platform known as "Giving 115%"

The Implementation of Peak Sports' three focus areas:

1.  Sponsorship Sales and Fulfillment
Raising Revenue is why we are here. We will primarily focus on raising revenue through sponsorship sales and fulfilling these sponsorship packages.

In creating a valuable sponsorship for business we focus on the following:



DigitalIn-Game PromosGame Sponsorship

2.  Marketing
Peak Sports will expand your market and media presence through a variety of ways including Sponsorship Activation, Creative Sponsorships and Media Presence (Outdoor, Print, Televised Games, Radio Network, etc)

3.  Staffing
Peak Sports will staff several team members at each collegiate property. This is a great way to expand and extend your athletic department!

Peak Sports manages and markets various on-campus and neutral site games, contests and tournaments focusing on both preseason and in-season events. The primary sporting events are football, men’s and women’s basketball and baseball.